Conservation Cove

Conservation Cove opens at Brighton Sea Life Centre photo ©Julia Claxton


  • Create a beach hut themed environment
  • Provide a unique visitor experience that will engage all ages
  • Withstand thousands of public visitors for years to come

Pinewood Creative contributes to new exhibit ‘Conservation Cove’ at the Sea Life Trust – Brighton

In July 2015, Pinewood Creative built a new area within Brighton Aquarium for The Sea Life Trust, to engage children and families in Marine Conservation issues.

Designed by Ravenhill Design, fifty50 provided the graphics and LeslieTEC for lighting and AV, we created simple robust hands-on interactives within a beach hut themed environment which showcased the work of the Sea Life trust and made finding out and helping into a series of fun activities themed into beach huts.

We created an over-sized postcard set where visitors appear inside a giant plastic bottle with their own personal promise illuminated as their message, creating their own ‘Message in a bottle’. The set was a fantastic photo opportunity.

The area also included:

  • A fishing game where guests try to catch only sustainable fish and avoid endangered species
  • A shopping interactive where guests use red lenses to reveal the harmful ingredients hidden in everyday products
  • A coin drop interactive where guests try to drop their donations into Marine Protected Area avoiding trawler nets and other threats.